Registering IMPERIAL DYNASTY with the state has been a great achievement for me & I appreciate my ladies that trust me with their careers. In an effort to keep our loyal supporters & the general public informed, I will post a monthly recap on the final day of the month to keep everyone up to speed with IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s footprints. Without further delay, I present you with our July 2011 recap:

July 6th – Registered IMPERIAL DYNASTY with the state of Louisiana

July 9th – Creole China Doll feature interview on

July 12th – Creole China Doll featured on
                    Caramel Coated Chrissy featured on
                    RL Marie featured on

July 16th – All 3 models shot with Martin (NuReign) Drysdale

July 22nd – Creole China Doll’s True Vixens e-poster available to the public (desktop & cell wallpaper)

July 23rd – Creole China Doll & RL Marie shot with Shawn Darnell

July 25th – IMPERIAL DYNASTY website went live

*** If you missed anything the girls did in July, click ***


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