This was a busy month in the office of IMPERIAL DYNASTY. So busy that I didn’t take in any “outside” work from anyone. I wanted to focus only on my ladies & make sure I put in enough work to make sure they’ll be taken care of for the next few months. Please note that beginning September 1st, I will be accepting “outside” work again. So if anyone is in need of services, email me at ImperialDynasty@att.netwith whatever service you need in the subject line, & describe the complete details in the body of the email.

Moving on… as I mentioned above, this was a busy month consisting of retouching, blind submissions, a photoshoot, promoting published features, & putting together materials for a few features that had been overdue. There are MANY features waiting to be released for all of the girls now that all of this month’s deadlines have been met. I would spill the beans about what’s on tap, but that would just take the fun out of it. I will share this with you tho: As of today Chrissy has 4 upcoming features, RL has 6 upcoming features, & Creole has 7 waiting to be released. In addition to all of this, a few magazines have inquired about the girls, so materials are currently being prepared to oblige these requests. The girls & I will be promoting like crazy, because I know everything is going to roll out back to back, which is the way it should be!

IMPERIAL DYNASTY August 2011 recap:

Aug 9th – Creole China Doll feature interview on

Aug 14th – RL Marie shot with Doss Tidwell

Aug 23rd – RL Marie feature interview on

Aug 26th – Caramel Coated Chrissy feature article on
                    RL Marie featured as “Vixen of the Day” on

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Slowly but surely everyone is beginning to form their own opinions about the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY. I tell you what tho, this is the finest specimen you’ll find standing on a piece of John Deer equipment lol! The staff at have thrown in their two cents about our model Caramel Coated Chrissy, & have expressed it in their latest article. Check it out for yourself & don’t be shy to leave your own comments.

Caramel Coated Chrissy, courtesy of BlackStallionz


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RL Marie is truly more than a model. Attractive, opinionated, intellegent, a go getter… She’s funloving & easy to work with, among other noteable attributes. Get to know her by viewing the lovely RL Marie’s up close & personal interview courtesy of at the following link: 



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Creole China Doll on

View my mini interview on! Much love & thanks to Urban Mag for featuring me & I look forward to working with them again in the future!


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