Since no recap was done at the end of March, the IMPERIAL DYNASTY April 2012 recap contains info about both months to keep you informed of what’s been happening. In order to keep everything in sequential order, lets begin with March.

March 2012 was a grind month. Emails were sent to clubs, deals were finalized, & requested packages were turned in to publications that were to feature the ladies in upcoming issues. A few magazine release dates were pushed back, so there was no published work for any of the ladies in the month of March. But of course the ladies were out & about as always, continuing to socialize & network in the public eye. Creole China Doll & RL Marie attended their good friend JD Mosley’s March 2nd Birthday Bash & had a blast (photos are below). On March 31st Creole China Doll & Caramel Coated Chrissy fulfilled their booking for a guest appearance in Jackson, MS at VIP Lounge, which was a great success. If you missed the article & photos from this event, you may view it at the following link:

As for April 2012, it began on a positive note with Creole China Doll & RL Marie attending rapper/producer Mr. Phat’s Pre-Easter Birthday Bash on April 5th, hosted by national recording artist Cupid. Both Phat & Cupid are childhood friends of the Doll, so quite naturally she made it her business to attend (photos are below). Lady Creole also was the winner of a Coach purse in the doorprize giveaway. Another childhood friend (Summer Bolden) won the Michael Khors purse in the giveaway.

Deadlines were met to insure placement in publications for the ladies, as well as one blind submission that turned controversial. IMPERIAL DYNASTY is known for their class & supreme ethics in the business & we refuse to work with unprofessional/unethical people. So CEO Kitty Kennedy had the blind submission retracted from this certain publication & our model that was caught in the middle ended up landing a better publication. Needless to say, ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY will never associate themselves with anyone that is not on top of their game in this business. We do not settle for less nor do we play second fiddle to others that are not on our level.

Both Creole China Doll & RL Marie were published in the premiere issue of Backshotz Magazine, which was released on April 22nd. Creole China Doll graces the cover of Backshotz & has a 7 page layout, and RL Marie has a beautiful 5 page layout. You may purchase Backshotz May/June 2012 issue as a digital download or a physical Print copy delivered to your front door from: . And trust me when I tell you that the print copy will have you hott & bothered with its 72 pages of booty-ful bliss!

Many features are in the wings at the moment, including all of the ones that had their dates pushed back, so there’s alot coming up! Stay tuned 🙂

Without further delay, here is the recap breakdown as well as a slideshow of the ladies out in public:

April 25th – Kitty Kennedy’s business meeting with Andrew Thibodeaux Photography

April 22nd – Creole China Doll on the cover of Backshotz Magazine
April 22nd – RL Marie feature model in Backshotz Magazine

April 5th – Creole China Doll & RL Marie attend MR. Phat’s Bday Bash, hosted by Cupid

March 31st – Creole China Doll & Caramel Coated Chrissy guest appearance at VIP Lounge in Jackson, MS

March 2nd – Creole China Doll & RL Marie attend JD Mosley’s Bday Bash

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IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s very own Creole China Doll is 1 of 2 models to grace the cover of Backshotz Magazine premiere issue, available now! Backshotz is another addition to the Titanium Girlz brand, published by none other than VanSilk, owner of Titanium Girlz, TitaniumGirlz Xtra & now Backshotz.

Backshotz Magazine May/June 2012 double cover issue is 72 pages of booty-ful bliss, featuring a total of 14 models with the hottest backshot spreads. Featured in this issue along side Creole China Doll’s 7 page layout are Dystraction (2nd cover), Remy Rockz, IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s mezmerizing RL Marie & many many more…..

To download a free copy or to purchase in print, please visit:

Or just click on the official covers below: