The 5th installment of Models, Mics & Music Industry Night took place on Sunday June 3rd in New Orleans at the Therapy Wine Lounge. Celebrity Guest Judges for the event were Creole China Doll (Celebrity Model & CEO of Imperial Dynasty), as well as UGK recording artists Toochie Loc & J Blu of The Set Boys. The event was hosted & promoted by Don P of Don P & the 411 Radioshow, & attended by many local artists, models, promoters, & supporters.

The model segment of the night was to cast models for upcoming video shoots, a chance to model for a clothing website, & promo opportunities. 3 ladies were brave enough to test the waters… Lori Tantawi, Nina “Fresh” Thomas, & Tomasina Jiles. All 3 woman had something different to offer, ranging from thinkness, slim goodies, hour-glass shapes & of course the black Barbie experience. Not only did these ladies express their interest in the industry, but all 3 are proud of having their own careers such as a dispatcher, insurance sales & military. Miss Elaina Robertson (a young lady from the audience) later asked about being considered. Creole China Doll will discuss the ultimate choices with the promoters of the event later this week.

The music segment of the night was to choose the best artist for an all expense paid trip to perform at the upcoming Grand Hustle Showcase taking place in Atlanta, GA. The 8 artists that battled were B Frank, Flyboy Mac & Famous, GameFace Mafia, Justice, Marvelous Cruze, Noya, Pif Game, & Roy’al. Music generes ranged from R&B, bounce, & rap. All performers successfully worked the crowd, groups were in sync with eachother & duos fed off of one another. 

Excelling above all was ROY’AL, a female duo managed by On Top Entertainment, whom were deservingly named the winners at the end of the night. These young ladies shined bright as the sun during their performance. They were poised & professional, not to mention very friendly & social throughout the entire night. The mother’s of the duo were overjoyed & emotional, as they have a right to be… how many people can say their kids have or will perform for T.I.? And it was great to see such supportive & loving parents that are involved in their children’s careers & choices, no matter what their ages. To a parent, a child is a child, no mater in their 20’s, 30’s & so on.

ROY’AL, identified by their government names are Danielle Gordon & Ireal White. These young ladies have very bright futures in the business. They are stars in thier own right, & strive to be known in places farther than home. And as long as they stay positive, work hard, take direction from people that can actually get them ahead in the business, then they are sure to become a household name with a little patience.

Special shout outs go to everyone involved in this production, whether a participant or supporter. Special thanks to Brittany Benberry, Caramel Coated Chrissy, Charlie Mac, Dionne & SJ Lacy, Jessica Autin, Royce Reynolds, Therapy Wine Lounge, etc…

Below are a few photos from the event, focusing more on the winners (Roy’al) as well as celebrity guest judge Creole China Doll (Kitty Kennedy). If you’d like to see the complete set including all the artists, please visit SJ Lacy’s facebook page under the “Photos & Videos of S.J.” section located at:

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