We have not done a monthly recap since the month of April, so our August 2012 recap also includes info from the months of May thru July. We apologize for the delay & hopefully you haven’t missed out on anything. But if you did, we’ll get you up to speed. The easiest way to receive our updates as they happen is to subscribe to our website by clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button in the left hand column, or to join our mailing list at . Either way, you’ll receive notifications in your email about what’s happening with us.

Our biggest hoorah for the month of August 2012 was the fact that we presented our GUARANTEED PUBLISHING PROGRAM to the public, offering assistance to ANY models that seek to be published. We want models to know that no matter if they’re new to the game, need a little push, or just want to remain in circulation while they’re waiting for something else to happen, they can go thru us to get published & not have to endure the hassle of doing it themselves. The modeling business is all about investing in yourself, & if you don’t invest in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

Caramel Coated Chrissy’s birthday was celebrated in August 2012, hence the reason she’s spotlighted on the banner for this month. Chrissy turned 32 on August 20th & says she feels no different that the day before. She is thankful for her health, family, & livelihood.

In July 2012, Imperial Dynasty joined twitter. Our ladies Creole China Doll and RL Marie have joined as well. Caramel Coated Chrissy has not joined as of yet, so all of her updates are plugged in from the Imperial Dynasty twitter account until further notice.

Although Imperial Dynasty has actually existed since 2009, we did not officially register with the state until July 2011. So on July 6th 2012, we celebrated our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY; and what a year its been! From July 2011 thru July 2012 our ladies have accumulated 49 features combined, which can be broken down into 15 magazine features & 34 website features.

Also in the month of July 2012, royal ladies Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie attended Essence Fest in New Orleans. Creole China Doll was unable to attend due to other business. A slideshow of some of the pics from Essence are below.

In May 2012, we totally ran out of what was left of any merchandise we had for the ladies. We won’t be offering any new merchandise until all the ladies shoot new photos. Our new merchandise will comprise of calendars, posters & keychains. We’ll keep you posted as to when all of that will be available.

Here’s the blow-by-blow breakdown from August down to May:

August 20th> Caramel Coated Chrissy’s Birthday
August 18th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY celebrates Caramel Coated Chrissy’s Birthday at ROX in Cypress Bayou Casino
August 6th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY presents our Guaranteed Publishing Program to the public
August 5th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY overhauls website with a fresh new look
August 3rd – 5th> RL Marie attends The Hoodie Awards in Las Vegas
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July 30th 2012
* Imperial Dynasty now on twitter @Imp3rialDynasty
* Creole China Doll now on twitter @CreoleChinaDoll
* RL Marie now on twitter @RLMarie1

July 13th – 21st> Creole China Doll mini-getaway in the Ozarks
July 7th – 8th> Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie attend Essence Fest in New Orleans
July 7th> Creole China Doll feature model in Vansilk Magazine
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June 25th> Creole China Doll feature interview in Stiletto Talk Magazine
June 3rd> Creole China Doll celebrity guest judge for Models, Mics & Music Vol. 5
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Below is a slideshow of photos from Essence Fest & RL Marie’s trip to Vegas that we did not write articles for at the time that the events happened:

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On Saturday August 18th, the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY & some of our closest friends invaded ROX Nightclub inside of Cypress Bayou Casino to celebrate Caramel Coated Chrissy’s birthday. The Caramel one has turned 32 years of age & remains a true natural beauty.

ROX was jam-packed from wall to wall on the dancefloor as well as upstairs in VIP. Caramel Coated Chrissy, RL Marie & Creole China Doll spent their entire evening on the dancefloor dancing, drinking, mingling, meeting new people, & of course had a blast with our friends that were in attendance. A fun-filled night that couldn’t have turned out any better. Chrissy had the time of her life & we were happy to contribute to that experience.

Both men & women were enchanted by the ladies & were cordial enough to buy drinks, wanted to dance with each of them, & held plenty of great conversations. ROX is definitely a party spot that our company will visit again, due to its great atmosphere.

3am was the time that ROX shut down, so afterwards the ladies took photos then ventured into the casino for a while. Once we departed the casino, we stopped to have breakfast, then proceeded on to Creole China Doll’s home where everyone spent the night.

On Sunday August 19th we had a little house party for Chrissy that afternoon, so she could enjoy something more personal. Lots of food, music, fun & friends. That night, Creole China Doll took Chrissy out for a few drinks & toasted-in her birthday at 12am. Chrissy’s actual birthday was August 20th.

Below are the photos that we choose to share with the public from our weekend celebrating Caramel Coated Chrissy’s birthday. We love lady Caramel & so do her fans. We thank all of you that support her & want you to know that we have many new projects in the works for her that will be available soon.

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Beginning August 6th 2012, Imperial Dynasty is providing a service not offered by anyone else in the industry. We present to you our Guaranteed Publishing Program.

Imperial Dynasty’s Guaranteed Publishing Program was constructed to help models secure spots in print & digital magazines, as well as entertainment websites; not just wonder whether or not they’ll be published or if they have what it takes to be published in the 1st place.

Most ladies in the industry know what kind of hassle it is to blindly submit materials to a publication in hopes of hearing back from them. In most cases getting published is all about who you know. And if you don’t know who to go to or have the right guidance from someone that can actually help you, you can get left in the dark.

The Guaranteed Publishing Program will benefit models on any level. If you’re wanting to get started or just getting started in the business, this program will benefit you the most by getting you all the exposure you need to establish your name & face, as well as building your resume. If you’re an experienced model that has already done quite a few things, the program will benefit you by getting you featured in spots you haven’t been featured yet, therefore continuing to add on to your own resume. Lastly, if you are already on the professional level & recognized throughout the industry, the program will benefit by supplementing gaps between features you already have scheduled to come out, therefore keeping you in circulation.

Your best photos are key in getting you published & will be chosen on a scale of high standards so that we can provide publishers with your best work.

CEO Kitty Kennedy of Imperial Dynasty will personally handle this project & has high hopes of attracting ladies who are new to the industry that need an extra boost in getting their foot in the door. Kitty has a wide array of connections at her disposal to certify the success of this project & is looking forward to not only dealing with publishers & website owners that we already deal with, but to also establish new connections. The program will work on both sides of the spectrum; models get published & magazines/websites get quality ladies for their publications.

To access complete details of Imperial Dynasty’s Guaranteed Publishing Program, price list & info on how to enroll, visit: