Motivational & Empowering Women’s Conference in Support of Breast Cancer

BC Awareness banner

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many neglect taking the necessary steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages or encourage others to do the same. Early detection is key to increased survival rates. It’s also important to know that it is not only a woman’s disease. Breast cancer in men also strikes in alarming numbers.

This Saturday, Oct 26th 2013 at the Clifton Chenier Center in Lafayette, LA will be An Evening of Women Inspiring Women; a motivational & empowering women’s conference in support of breast cancer awareness. Special guest speaker for the conference will be Dr. Tyshaun James-Hart, Board Certified Breast Surgeon. This event is for EVERYONE who wants to educate themselves about breast cancer as well as the bravehearts fighting the battle & the spirited survivors of this often deadly disease.

In addition to the professional guest speaker, there will be an interactive panel discussion, vendors, door prizes, live entertainment & food. Please come & take part in this uplifting & informative event. 

Date:  October 26, 2013
Place:  Clifton Chenier Center
Address:  220 W. Willow Street – Lafayette, LA 70501
Time:  7pm – 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Entry Fee:  $25 at the door,  $10 for survivors 

***A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation***

BC Awareness


BNatural Hair Expo

BNatural Hair Expo Banner

Today, sovereign ladies RL Marie & Kitty Kennedy attended the BNatural Hair Expo in New Orleans held at Baggage Boutique. There were plenty of ladies in attendance, both natural & transitioning. Door prizes & gift bags were given away, ranging from jewelry, body wraps, wellness services, & more. Presentations were conducted by the owner of Baggage Boutique, a custom jewelry designer, wellness coordinator/motivational speaker, testimonies from natural hair wearers, as well as RL Marie’s promotion of her self published magazine (Unrivaled Hair Creations). A q&a forum was also held; sharing tips, advice, how-to’s, & demonstrations on the best ways to care for & protect natural hair.

This was a very informative networking event & everyone made great connections for future products & services. Below are a few snapshots taken during RL’s presentation, as well as a couple of shots of her & Kitty after returning home that evening.

BNatural Hair Expo2

BNatural Hair Expo


rlm feat vibe vixen

As the ladies of our royal court make moves, society pays attention. Today featured RL Marie as Vibe vixen of the day. For those of your unfamiliar with the site, it is the “sister” mag to Vibe Magazine. Vibe Vixen focuses on beauty, fashion, life, empowerment, & recognizing women who are making moves in business, scholastics, & professional modeling. We at Imperial Dynasty are honored that Robin has been featured for embodying these traits. She continues to work hard  for her Master’s degree, which she will be awarded in October. She is a respected model in the industry under our management. She promotes & networks to establish her company’s brand, & has been successful in bringing to life her own magazine. Mooove! Get out her way!!

On another note, we can’t help but to notice her striking resemblance to our CEO in this photo… Is there some “single white female” madness going on? Lol! 🙂

To view Robin’s feature on the Vibe Vixen website, click the link below:

Kim Kimble VIP Hair Event

KimKimble flyer (2)

This past weekend was the 18th annual Essence Fest in New Orleans. Aside from the many concerts held at the Superdome & the workshops held at the Convention Center, there were many other networking events held around the city, such as the Kim Kimble VIP Hair Event held at Flaw Luxe Hair Studios. Royal ladies RL Marie & Kitty Kennedy attended the event hosted by celebrity hair mogul Kim Kimble, star of WE Tv’s hit show LA Hair.

RL Marie & Kitty attended the event to network, meet Ms. Kimble face to face, & promote Unrivaled Hair Creations Magazine, which is published under RL’s very own company (Global Industry Empire). The event was taped live & a segment was shown on the 10pm news. Ms Kimble even autographed RL’s copy of the magazine & wished both companies (Global Industry Empire & Imperial Dynasty) good luck in our endeavors. We met many stylists, models, & industry contacts whom we plan on working with for upcoming projects.

KimKimble VIP Hair Event

Lacey Couture Jewelry Debuts at Exagere Art Gallery in New Orleans

Exagere banner

Last night on Saturday April 13th 2013 was the debut of Lacey Couture Jewelry at Exagere’ Art Gallery in New Orleans. Among the many in attendance at this upscale networking exhibit was Kitty Kennedy, CEO of Imperial Dynasty, a good friend of the creator & designer of Lacey Couture, Mrs. Lori Tantawi.

Lacey Couture is a statement piece couture jewelry collection that can only be described as bold, daring, & for the woman who commands attention when entering the room. Each piece is hand-made by Lori herself & are all one of a kind. These are not dime store trinkets, my friend! They range from $75 & go upwards of $1000. Ten models showcased this unique jewerly collection of chunky neclaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, head pieces & shoulder accents. They wore skintight black catsuits, drawing the eyes of the onlookers directly to the jewels.

Even though Lacey Couture Jewelry was the highlight of the evening, it was not the only thing that took place at the event. There was an art exhibit & a few new pieces introduced into the gallery. There were a number of performances by singers of jazz, R&B, opera, & rap. There was also a ballet dancer that gave a stunning performance that mezmerized everyone in the building. People from many sides of the entertainment business were present & of course, Kitty made many new connections while supporting Lori’s accomplishment.

Lori Tantawi is a couture jewelry designer, accomplished model, & business woman. She posesses a Bachelor’s degree from the US Military Academy & will be graduating with her Master’s in 4 more months (Aug 2013) from Full Sail University.

Below is a photo of our CEO at the Lacey Couture event. Beneath is a collage of Lori & just a few of her magnificent pieces that were spotlighted. We here at Imperial Dynasty support & encourage women entrepreneurs. We are proud of our friend Lori & the path that she is on as an independant business woman. Cheers!


Lacey Couture collage

***Lori Tantawi’s one of a kind Lacey Couture Jewelry collection can be seen in person & purchased exclusively at Exagere’ Art Gallery & Boutique, located at 227 Dauphine Street in New Orleans, LA***

RL Marie Registers Global Industry Empire With the State of Louisiana

Global Industry Empire

We are proud to announce that Imperial Dynasty model Robin Charles (a/k/a RL Marie) has registered her very own company, Global Industry Empire, with the state of Louisiana. Global Industry Empire will provide management/consulting to individuals who aspire to break into the entertainment industry, & their publishing branch will give birth to magazines, novels & blogs; of which their 1st magazine named Unrivaled Hair Creations is currently under construction & scheduled to debut at the end of this month (April 2013). Unrivaled Hair Creations is Robin’s very own production; a self published premiere showcase hair magazine featuring the hottest hairstylists, models, barbers, make-up artists, designers, and much more. After its debut issue, it will be released on a quarterly basis.

Imperial Dynasty welcomes Global Industry Empire as our newest affiliate. We also tip our hats off to our Royal Lady Marie, who is more than just a model under our management. She is a blooming entrepreneur. Imperial Dynasty consults, educates, & grooms the sovereign ladies of our royal court to brand themselves & become CEO’s of their own companies. RL Marie is a product of our cultivation.

Support Robin (RL Marie)’s company & magazine by networking with her at the following links:

ro registers GIE


CCD Fyne Girlz Mag

It’s been two months since the release of the pictorial issue of Fyne Girlz, & its publisher is on a roll. For the month of March, Imperial Dynasty CEO Kitty Kennedy graces the cover of this 91 page issue of Fyne Girlz Magazine, & brings the ladies of our royal court along with her! Yes, you read it right; Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie accompany Creole China Doll totaling 14 pages of all things Imperial Dynasty. Creole China Doll’s 7 page cover spread & interview begins smack dab in the middle of the mag (do the math).

On behalf of all the ladies of Imperial Dynasty, we would would like to personally thank Shawn Darnell, publisher of Fyne Girlz Magazine, for giving us the opportunity to all appear in the same issue. We love turning a publication into an Imperial Dynasty issue, lol 🙂

We also extend hugs & smooches to the eleven (11) other beautiful models who are featured in this issue.

To view Fyne Girlz Magazine featuring Creole China Doll & the ladies of Imperial Dynasty, click the link below or the mag cover: