The time has finally come! Hustle Hard Magazine’s December 2011 issue is finally available!! This special edition has been highly anticipated & is sure to become a collector’s item. HUSTLE HARD MAGAZINE: IMPERIAL DYNASTY ISSUE is jam packed with exclusive never-before-seen photos, in-depth interviews, & bio’s of all three Empresses of Imperial Dynasty. It is the “go to” guide for what our company is all about & to look into the lives & careers of an Imperial Dynasty model.

Never before has a model management company or agency from Louisiana been featured in a special edition issue of a magazine focusing on only their company & models. Imperial Dynasty is the 1st to be bestowed such an honor, & we are elated that Mad Talent (CEO of Hustle Hard Magazine & Hustle Hard Graphics) offered us such recognition.

Creole China Doll, Caramel Coated Chrissy, & RL Marie are eager to get their hands on their very own print copies of the magazine & say that HUSTLE HARD MAGAZINE: IMPERIAL DYNASTY ISSUE is the best Christmas present they could have asked for. Not only that, but it’s a great way to end 2011 as well as show the fans that there’s sooo much in store for 2012.

HUSTLE HARD MAGAZINE: IMPERIAL DYNASTY ISSUE is available in both PRINT as well as DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Our issue is 52 pages, & printed as 8.5 x 11 (full size magazine). The Imperial Dynasty Issue is done in a unique style, thought of by the mind of Mad Talent himself… The magazine is layed out in what he calls “flyer style”, which basically means the photo pages have no info on the back sides of them. So in other words, you have the option of removing the photos out of the book to hang on your wall, frame, mail to us for our autographs, etc… Leaving the text pages in tact within the magazine (the interviews, bio’s, company info, etc.). It’s really amazing & definitely worth having in print.

You may purchase your copy of HUSTLE HARD MAGAZINE: IMPERIAL DYNASTY ISSUE & have it delivered to your home or downloaded to your computer via the following link:

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IMPERIAL DYNASTY model Caramel Coated Chrissy closes out the final installment of our Dynasty’s reign over . We have established great report with the RHK brand & look forward to future colaborations with them. In the meantime, please view Chrissy’s “Model of the Week” feature, for it will only be available from Saturday Dec 10 thru Friday Dec 16. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as well as her photos! Access from the following link:!featured-models

*** The ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY will soon do a Red Hot Kittens shoot wearing RHK paraphenalia to show our appreciation for the love that the staff at Red Hot Kittens have shown us. We’ll keep everyone posted once the photos are available to be viewed! ***


For the 2nd week in a row, an IMPERIAL DYNASTY model dawns the title of “Featured Model of the Week” on This time it is the mesmerizing RL Marie that is causing a traffic jam to the RHK-MAG site, with her beautiful photos & mini questionnaire. RL Marie’s feature will be available beginning today December 3rd thru Friday December 9th. You may access her feature & photos by clicking the following link:!featured-models


November 2011 was a wonderful month for us here at IMPERIAL DYNASTY. Not only did all the ladies have great features released, but we were also recognized in the news, received confirmation of upcoming projects, befriended new business associates,  & clinched the deal on what will double as a grand exit for 2011 as well as a vision of what’s to come for 2012! We have every reason to be thankful & be proud of our accomplishments, & will always show love & support those that believe in us.

Aside from what came to fruition in November, December will knock your socks off! So be sure to stay up to date… You won’t want to miss a thing!

There is actually alot that can be said, but I think I’m going to save the speech for next time. Until then, here’s our November recap:

Nov 6th – RL Marie feature interview on

Nov 7th – Creole China Doll “model of the week” on

Nov 11th – RL Marie feature interview on

Nov 12th – Creole China Doll feature model layout & interview in Diamenz Magazine

Nov 13th – Creole China Doll feature model layout in Babe Magazine

Nov 18th - Caramel Coated Chrissy feature interview on

Nov 20th – News article written about IMPERIAL DYNASTY on national, world, & Chinese news sites

Nov 21st – RL Marie feature model on

Nov 22nd – IMPERIAL DYNASTY now on Google Plus (+)

Nov 23rd – Caramel Coated Chrissy feature model on

Nov 25th – *Creole China Doll in-depth feature interview on
                   *Creole China Doll feature model on




The month of December is only a few days away & has lots in store for the Empresses of IMPERIAL DYNASTY, most noteably an exclusive special edition issue of Hustle Hard Magazine. We feel priveledged that we’ve been chosen for such an honor as to be featured in an issue specifically focusing on us.

Although an exact release date has not yet been determined, you can rest assured we will make an announcement once the issue is available for purchase. Hustle Hard Magazine IMPERIAL DYNASTY Issue will be available in print as well as digital download. Trust me, this is one you’ll want to have delivered to your home instead of just staring at it in pdf form (boring, lol!). “Tis the Season” as they say, so this will be a great stocking stuffer, present, or whatever you’d like to label it as.

Below is the image of what the actual cover will look like. We saved all the goodies for the inside!

CREOLE CHINA DOLL IN-DEPTH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON DIAMONDDIVAS.CO final installment of “The Imperial Dynasty Takeover” is concluded with an in-depth exclusive interview with IMPERIAL DYNASTY model & founder Creole China Doll (Kitty Kennedy). In this interview she speaks of heritage, what keeps her motivated, her company’s vision, & what she enjoys outside of modeling. Definitely a treasure trove of information. It’s so good to read an interview that looks deep inside of a model’s mind. Enter via the link below:


As mentioned on national, world, & Chinese news sites 6 days ago, the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY are to begin their features on the internationally recognized website, also known as RHK-MAG. Beginning today Nov 25th is the 1st of our Dynasty to be featured on this global showcase, which is none other than our CEO Kitty Kennedy (Creole China Doll). The Doll’s model of the week feature will only be available Nov 25th thru December 2nd, so it’s imperative that you check it out before it’s too late. Creole China Doll’s feature entails 4 never-before-seen photos & a mini questionnaire. It’s just enough to keep you looking forward to more from the Creole one. Access by clicking the link:!featured-models


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This morning we received the most wonderful news. An article was written about IMPERIAL DYNASTY & published on national news, Chinese news, as well as the world news!! Never have I jumped out of bed so fast, lol! RL Marie saw the article first, & informed me about it. I was at a loss for words in the beginning. It didn’t dawn on me how big this was until I realized the article was not only a headline on the national level, but international also.

Hard work really does pay off & my models & I work very hard to put out quality & classy work. There’s nothing stopping us from achieving that “lifetime of success” that I preach about to my ladies all the time. This is a great accomplishment that will only lead to bigger & better things. To my knowledge, my company is the 1st model management company from Louisiana to be written about in world news. That says alot. And believe me, this is only the first of many articles to come, because IMPERIAL DYNASTY has plenty things lined up for 2012 that will make headlines. As for all the nay-sayers & disbelievers, I guess they’ll need jaws-of-life to pry their feet out of their mouths.

Special thanks to Alexander Dill, author of the article.

The link to the original article is below. Feel free to leave your comments when done. All I have left to say is WE’RE IN THE NEWS BAYBEEE!! lmao… Click & enjoy :-)


Caramel Coated Chrissy headlines the 2nd installment of “The Imperial Dynasty Takeover” on & is their model of the week from Nov 18th thru 24th. Diamond Divas asks Chrissy about her childhood, her aspirations, & what to expect from her in the near future. Read about this & other facts you may not have known about the caramel one via the link below.


Babe Magazine‘s premiere issue is on sale now via Magcloud, & is AVAILABLE IN PRINT as well as digital download! Creole China Doll is one of the feature models in this issue, & her spread is on pages 15 thru 19. Special thanks to Toni Xposito, owner of Babe Mag & we here at IMPERIAL DYNASTY support the Babe Mag movement…. a magazine that features models of ALL sizes! Purchase your choice of Babe Magazine’s print or digital copy by clicking on Creole China Doll’s tearsheet below:

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Within the pages of the premiere issue of Diamenz Magazine is none other than IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s own Creole China Doll. Her 7 page layout & feature interview occupies pages 144 thru 150. Diamenz Magazine is one of the most anticipated urban mags of 2011 & is sure to capivate anyone that flips thru its pages. 28 models, 173 total pages of pure diabetes… Make sure you have your insulin on stand by, lol. Special thanks to Urban Model Awards nominated photographer Shawn Darnell (whom owns the mag by the way). You know that all of us here at IMPERIAL DYNASTY love you! Diamenz Magazine is fully accessible by clicking on Creole China Doll’s tearsheet below.

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The website has decided to dub the month of November 2011 as the “IMPERIAL DYNASTY Takeover”. Beginning today, (takeover part 1) RL Marie is featured as model of the week for Nov 11th thru 17th, & has an exclusive interview. There’s always more to learn about the mesmerizing RL, so feed your mind by accessing her interview from the link below:

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For the week of November 7th-13th, IMPERIAL DYNASTY CEO Kitty Kennedy (Creole China Doll) is featured as “Model of the Week” on . Her feature may be accessed via the following link:

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IMPERIAL DYNASTY model RL Marie opens the month of November in her feature interview on . Purple City is no stranger to us, for they featured Creole China Doll 2 years ago in Nov of 2009. In her Purple City interview, RL sheds some light on how she got started, what projects thrusted her into the limelight, things to look forward to, & other tidbits. A good read for fans old & new, as well as stunning photos I’m sure everyone will fall in love with. Click the following link to view this Purple City exclusive:


In our Empire, October 2011 was overloaded submission wise, even tho my recap listing won’t reflect that (only because I choose not to list every single thing that is done in our office). In Sept, we had so many features push out back to back that it left sort of an empty nest for October. So naturally I went into overdrive sending out materials to get the ball rolling. It then dawned on me that we actually have alot of features that are coming out before the end of the year, not even counting what was submitted for over the last few weeks. Many features that could have come out in Oct were actually held back for reasons of some of the mags & websites wanting to close out the year featuring us, especially around holiday time. In other words, I panicked for nothing! lol…

But although I knew what was going on, Chrissy & RL kind of started worrying when they didn’t see anything coming out. See, that’s what happens whenever a model gets used to features coming out close together… they get spoiled :-)  But I eased their mind by telling them what happened & not to worry. It’s truly a priviledge to be in constant rotation & I’m happy to be able to make that happen for all of us, but there are times that there will be a few weeks or even a month that will go by that there won’t be any new materials published.

With all that being said, all 3 of us actually did have a feature come out in October on the Diamond Divas website. I did not post the features because I knew that we all have “feature interviews” that are going to be published on the Diamond Divas website in the month of November, which I know you will love. But for those of you that would like to see what’s been put up so far, feel free to visit the links provided in the recap listing. When our exclusive interviews become available in November, I will definitely post & promote them here as I always do with eveything else.

I do agree that it feels weird for IMPERIAL DYNASTY to have only 3 features come out in Oct, especially after having 10 the previous month. Oh well… Happy Halloween everybody! Here’s our October 2011 recap:

Oct 1st – RL Marie 26th Birthday Celebration  at the Wine Bistro in New Orleans

Oct 12th – RL Marie official website went live

Oct 14th – RL Marie feature model on

Oct 18th – *Creole China Doll feature model on
                   *Caramel Coated Chrissy feature model on

Oct 29th – Added web-insert into IMPERIAL DYNASTY Facebook page (website within fanpage)


IMPERIAL DYNASTY model RL Marie has wanted her own website for quite a while now. Well, its finally happened & is available as of today. Her fans now have somewhere to go to keep up with her career. It looks really good, but by no means is it finished, because changes/additions will be continuously made to keep everything fresh & informative. Visit her site at the following link & be sure to add to your favorites!


October 1st was RL Marie’s actual 26th birthday, so the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY & our friends celebrated the occasion at The Wine Bistro in New Orleans. And the drama began… lol!

Upon arrival, there was a huge mix-up with our VIP reservations. At that point I had to get out of party mode & slip into “Boss” mode so I could find out what was going on. Uugghhh, trust me it was enough to drive anyone crazy. How in the world do you get the name RL confused/mistaken for Arielle or Orielle? They brought us to both of these sections, which were incorrect. After speaking with 3 different members of the staff & finding our that the employee that confirmed the reservation was fired the week before, we finally got the whole mess straight. That ate up our first 40 minutes of our night!

Once being seated in our section, the birthday girl was presented with a large bottle of Ciroc, along with a few cans of pineapple & cranberry juice. I served RL Marie her 1st drink of the night as well as all the ladies in our group, & we toasted her with our blessings.

Snap, snap, snap! Flashing lights all over. I began taking pics of everyone because I wanted RL to have lots of visual memories from this celebration. And since I did most of the snapping, there aren’t too many pics of me, lol. Enough snapping, it’s time to hit the dancefloor!

All 6 of us hit the floor, drinks in hand. The music was bumping & all of us were in our own world. It’s like no one else was even there, cause all that mattered that night was us. The birthday girl was having the time of her life, which made all of us happy. 

After being on the dancefloor for a while, the DJ made an announcement that a car was being towed in the parking lot. Well the car in particular that was mentioned was parked next to Neyah Sohle’s car. So she & I both decided to walk outside & see what was going on. Come to find out you have to pay to park in the lot! Well shit, we didn’t know. There wasn’t a parking attendant on duty. There’s a crappy box labled with numbers on the opposite side of what looks like a parking attendant post that you’re supposed to stuff your money in! WTF? I bet they get alot of people like that cause its not in a conspicuous place. Anyhoo, my car was still there, so I went & stuffed money thru the lil slot. But sadly, Neyah’s car was GONE! Omg, imagine how angry she was, not to mention it broke my heart to see her face when she stood in the spot where the car was taken from.

I sat on the parking-bump while listening to Neyah on the phone with the tow truck company that snatched her car with no warning. They wanted $195 for her to get her car back! Yes, you read it corrctly! $195.00!! In the meantime, the girls began texting me wanting to know why we hadn’t come back in yet. I walked back into the club & let everyone know that I was going to take Neyah to find the tow truck company so she could get her car back. Everyone’s face dropped as I walked away.  Needless to say, Neyah & I found the place (thanks to GPS), which was about 15 minutes away from the club. She guided me back to the club afterwards, but decided she was going to go home instead of coming back in. Shit, $195 is enough to make anyone go home.

Everyone asked where was Neyah when I walked back into the club. I explained the situation & they understood. That messed up the rest of my night, but I put on a happy face so that I could try to enjoy the party. I took more pics of the girls & slowly we all began to wind down. We picked up our purses around 3am to head back to the hotel.

The photos shown here are the ones we’ve decided to share with the public. We hope you enjoy :-)

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September 2011 was definitely a busy month for the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY. It wasn’t ALL work this month tho. The ladies also had playtime as well. So in the midst of feature interviews, online promoting, submissions, mass emails, party planning, etc… We celebrated as well. I now present to you IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s recap for the month of Sept 2011:

Sept 1st – *Caramel Coated Chrissy feature interview on
                 *RL Marie “Certified Babe” feature on

Sept 5th – Creole China Doll feature interview on
                  (ranked #1 most viewed feature on Cutie Central for month of Sept 2011)

Sept 6th – RL Marie feature interview on

Sept 13th – RL Marie feature model on

Sept 14th – Caramel Coated Chrissy feature model on

Sept 15th – Creole China Doll feature model on

Sept 16th – RL Marie pre-bday bash at The Brassroom in Lafayette, Louisiana

Sept 17th – *RL Marie feature interview on
                    (ranked #9 most viewed feature on Cutie Central for month of Sept 2011)
                    *Mayweather/Ortiz fight party at Creole China Doll’s house

Sept 18th – Creole China Doll “Model of the Week” on (week of 18th thru 24th)

Sept 26th – RL Marie “Model of the Day” on

Sept 27th – Caramel Coated Chrissy feature interview on

Sept 30th - IMPERIAL DYNASTY parties with friends & fans at Bourbon Street Blues Club




On September 30th, the ladies of IMPERIAL DYNASTY & our closest friends arrived in New Orleans to party like rockstars, let off steam, & celebrate RL Marie’s official birthday weekend. We had plenty of invites to go to certain clubs in the city, but as a group we felt we’d find our own place to stake claim & party til the sun came up. So quite naturally we ended up on Bourbon & we’re happy that we did.

Once arriving on Bourbon, 1st thing on the agenda was to get hand grenades & daquiries. With drink in hand, plans were to party in Club 544 (one of our favorites), but just so happened they weren’t playing hip hop tonight. So we walked down to the next block & ended up at Bourbon Street Blues Club, which ended up being our party spot. There was standing room only, of course, & the place was packed shoulder to shoulder.

After chilling out by the bar for about 20 minutes looking at the few chicks dancing on stage, we decided WE were going to take over! So all five of us went on stage, began dancing, & stole the hearts of everyone in the club. Needless to say the other ladies that were on the stage decided to get down… lol! Intimidated muchhh? Silly as that may sound, that’s exactly what happened. The hype-man announced who we were & kept the crowd alive & wired up all night. We danced all night long on stage, met new people, laughed at a few characters in the place, had money thrown at us, etc. Yes, we had a blast! After a while, there were a few brave ladies that came up to party & dance beside us, which was cool.

One of the chicks that came on stage was sooo trifling, omg lol! She had on a zebra top w/waist belt & pink leotards. Notice I said “leotards”, NOT tights. So you could see straight thru those badboys! Eewww!! You could see ol’ girls jungle bush through the leotards & it was just nasty. Smh… And she was the main one booty bouncing all over. Another character was a chick on stage with snowboots on. Snowboots, really! You know it’s still hott here in southern Louisiana. But just because there was a little breeze that night, I guess she thought it was cold enough to break out her Alaskan mountain boots. There were more on our “hot-mess” list, like the Roger Mayweather look-alike that was obsessed with watching our girl Mahogany, the snaggle toothed serial killer that kept throwing money, the “pig-n-a-blanket” shaped chick w/a platinum blond Hanna Montana wig, & the out-of-shape chick that was on the far end of the stage all night long that stared at the drumset & danced like lightening was striking her. I think she may have been on meth or something, lol! It was a great night, with the exception of all the guys who don’t know the correct way to approach a lady. Other than that, we had an awesome time & made it back to the hotel room right before the sun came up :-)