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It’s been two months since the release of the pictorial issue of Fyne Girlz, & its publisher is on a roll. For the month of March, Imperial Dynasty CEO Kitty Kennedy graces the cover of this 91 page issue of Fyne Girlz Magazine, & brings the ladies of our royal court along with her! Yes, you read it right; Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie accompany Creole China Doll totaling 14 pages of all things Imperial Dynasty. Creole China Doll’s 7 page cover spread & interview begins smack dab in the middle of the mag (do the math).

On behalf of all the ladies of Imperial Dynasty, we would would like to personally thank Shawn Darnell, publisher of Fyne Girlz Magazine, for giving us the opportunity to all appear in the same issue. We love turning a publication into an Imperial Dynasty issue, lol 🙂

We also extend hugs & smooches to the eleven (11) other beautiful models who are featured in this issue.

To view Fyne Girlz Magazine featuring Creole China Doll & the ladies of Imperial Dynasty, click the link below or the mag cover:




CCD Fyne Girlz Mag pictorial

Fyne Girlz Magazine starts off 2013 with a special pictorial issue. This 40 page issue features 30 models, including Imperial Dynasty’s Creole China Doll. Starting this year, Fyne Girlz Magazine is now offered in both print & digital download. To order Fyne Girlz Pictorial with Jada Starr on the cover, featuring Creole China Doll, click the link below or the mag cover.

fyne girlz jan 2013


CCD feat has a brand new website up & running to end off 2012. Among the 1st nine feature models chosen to generate traffic to the site is Creole China Doll. The Flava Mag brand has been around for a few years, founded by Midknight of Top Notch Xtreme (TNX), whom has been an affiliate of ours for quite a while.

Flava Mag’s new website will not only feature models for you to read about, but will also help you get up close & personal by providing “on the set” videos from photoshoots, a photo gallery, online store to purchase model merchandise & much more! They are currently looking for more models to feature as well as website to exchange banners for cross promotion.  Support the new & improved Flava Mag movement as it florishes into a multimedia website in 2013.

Creole China Doll’s feature may be accessed via the following link:

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Learn some things you may not have known about 1st lady of IMPERIAL DYNASTY, empress Creole China Doll, in her feature interview courtesy of . The Doll touches on many subjects, such as the many hats she wears in the business, how long she’s been involved in the industry, & the fact that she’s a self made BOSS. View her in depth interview via the following link:!interviews/vstc1=creole-china-doll



Our September recap is short & sweet. September was all about lady RL Marie, hence her individual presence on this months banner. RL had a feature come out on popular website Top Shelff Entertainment, a pre-bday bash, as well as her official bday bash. But these are  not even the greatest of things for our lady. As of Sept 24th, RL Marie began her graduate course, persuing a master’s degree in Entertainment Business. We wish her good luck in her quest to do more in the industry & support her 100%. She is more than an Imperial Dynasty model. Just like our CEO Kitty Kennedy, RL sets an example to other models that it is important to expand your reach in the business & to be involved in many different avenues.

Other than the above mentioned, we have news of upcoming projects for the ladies:
*Creole China Doll will grace the cover of the October 2012 issue of Fyne Girlz Magazine, which is scheduled to drop towards the end of October. Empresses Caramel Coated Chrissy as well as RL Marie will also be featured in this issue.
*RL Marie will grace the cover of the November 2012 issue of So Be It Magazine. Release date is scheduled for November 5th
*RL Marie will be a feature model in the upcoming issue of Tip Drill Magazine. Release TBA at a later time.
*All 3 ladies have upcoming photoshoots for at least 5 different magazines that have put in inquiries for features.

Without further delay, here’s the recap breakdown for the month of September 2012.

Sept 30th – IMPERIAL DYNASTY celebrates RL Marie’s 27th Birthday at Eiffel Society in New Orleans, LA

Sept 28th – RL Marie pre-bday bash at The Brassroom in Lafayette, LA

Sept 24th – RL Marie officially begins her graduate course in Entertainment Business

Sept 6th – RL Marie feature model on

*** If you missed the photos posted from RL Marie’s Birthday, you may view them at ***
***If you missed RL Marie’s feature on, you may view it at ***


October 1st, which fell on a Monday this year, is the birthday of IMPERIAL DYNASTY model RL Marie. We dedicated the final weekend in September celebrating the occasion. On Friday Sept 28th was the pre-bday bash at JD Mosley’s “Slippin Into Darkness” all black attire event at The Brassroom in Lafayette, LA. Many of our friends were in attendance overall for the event & we had a blast that evening. Poetry, live entertainment, good music, & the upscale atmosphere was right up our alley.

On Sunday Sept 30th we held the official celebration in New Orleans at Eiffel Society. We toasted RL Marie at midnight, wishing her a Happy Birthday & prayers of blessings for many more. We would like to thank everyone whom attended & celebrated with us, as well as those that met us for the 1st time & enjoyed our presence.

Below is the slideshow of photos from both nights that we’ve chosen to share with the public. There are over 70 pics for you to enjoy!

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We have not done a monthly recap since the month of April, so our August 2012 recap also includes info from the months of May thru July. We apologize for the delay & hopefully you haven’t missed out on anything. But if you did, we’ll get you up to speed. The easiest way to receive our updates as they happen is to subscribe to our website by clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button in the left hand column, or to join our mailing list at . Either way, you’ll receive notifications in your email about what’s happening with us.

Our biggest hoorah for the month of August 2012 was the fact that we presented our GUARANTEED PUBLISHING PROGRAM to the public, offering assistance to ANY models that seek to be published. We want models to know that no matter if they’re new to the game, need a little push, or just want to remain in circulation while they’re waiting for something else to happen, they can go thru us to get published & not have to endure the hassle of doing it themselves. The modeling business is all about investing in yourself, & if you don’t invest in yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

Caramel Coated Chrissy’s birthday was celebrated in August 2012, hence the reason she’s spotlighted on the banner for this month. Chrissy turned 32 on August 20th & says she feels no different that the day before. She is thankful for her health, family, & livelihood.

In July 2012, Imperial Dynasty joined twitter. Our ladies Creole China Doll and RL Marie have joined as well. Caramel Coated Chrissy has not joined as of yet, so all of her updates are plugged in from the Imperial Dynasty twitter account until further notice.

Although Imperial Dynasty has actually existed since 2009, we did not officially register with the state until July 2011. So on July 6th 2012, we celebrated our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY; and what a year its been! From July 2011 thru July 2012 our ladies have accumulated 49 features combined, which can be broken down into 15 magazine features & 34 website features.

Also in the month of July 2012, royal ladies Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie attended Essence Fest in New Orleans. Creole China Doll was unable to attend due to other business. A slideshow of some of the pics from Essence are below.

In May 2012, we totally ran out of what was left of any merchandise we had for the ladies. We won’t be offering any new merchandise until all the ladies shoot new photos. Our new merchandise will comprise of calendars, posters & keychains. We’ll keep you posted as to when all of that will be available.

Here’s the blow-by-blow breakdown from August down to May:

August 20th> Caramel Coated Chrissy’s Birthday
August 18th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY celebrates Caramel Coated Chrissy’s Birthday at ROX in Cypress Bayou Casino
August 6th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY presents our Guaranteed Publishing Program to the public
August 5th> IMPERIAL DYNASTY overhauls website with a fresh new look
August 3rd – 5th> RL Marie attends The Hoodie Awards in Las Vegas
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July 30th 2012
* Imperial Dynasty now on twitter @Imp3rialDynasty
* Creole China Doll now on twitter @CreoleChinaDoll
* RL Marie now on twitter @RLMarie1

July 13th – 21st> Creole China Doll mini-getaway in the Ozarks
July 7th – 8th> Caramel Coated Chrissy & RL Marie attend Essence Fest in New Orleans
July 7th> Creole China Doll feature model in Vansilk Magazine
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June 25th> Creole China Doll feature interview in Stiletto Talk Magazine
June 3rd> Creole China Doll celebrity guest judge for Models, Mics & Music Vol. 5
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Below is a slideshow of photos from Essence Fest & RL Marie’s trip to Vegas that we did not write articles for at the time that the events happened:

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