February may be the shortest month of the year, but ran like a long drawn-out era. Although the ladies didn’t have any new features published this month, many things were going on behind the scenes, both business & pleasure wise.

As many of you know, IMPERIAL DYNASTY’s CEO Kitty Kennedy, is also Editor-in-Chief of Silk Magazine. Silk, the upscale men’s magazine that specializes in exotic models, luxury cars & homes, business, finance & health was put back into circulation this month, so alot of time was spent preparing for the relaunch of the mag. For those interested in purchasing a copy, whether in print or digital, you may do so from the following link: . Models interested in being featured in Silk may contact the publisher, Cecil Dowdell directly at

Fans of RL Marie & Caramel Coated Chrissy can look forward to them both gracing the pages of Silk sometime this year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on that so you may pick up your copy.


Here’s a quick timeline recap of all activities for February:

February 4th – Creole China Doll & RL Marie attended Byrdman’s Birthday Bash hosted by Draya Michelle

February 11th – RL Marie’s photoshoot with Doss Tidwell in Houston, TX

February 19th – Creole China Doll & RL Marie at Mardi Gras Parade in ST. Martinville, LA
February 19th – Caramel Coated Chrissy at parade in New Orleans

February 20th – Silk Magazine 6 year anniversary issue available
February 20th – Creole China Doll at parade in Lafayette, LA

February 21st – MARDI GRAS DAY! (CCD & RLM in Lafayette, LA) (CCC in New Orleans, LA)

February 25th – Creole China Doll’s 34th Birthday

February 27th – Creole China Doll’s 11 year Anniversary



This was a busy month in the office of IMPERIAL DYNASTY. So busy that I didn’t take in any “outside” work from anyone. I wanted to focus only on my ladies & make sure I put in enough work to make sure they’ll be taken care of for the next few months. Please note that beginning September 1st, I will be accepting “outside” work again. So if anyone is in need of services, email me at ImperialDynasty@att.netwith whatever service you need in the subject line, & describe the complete details in the body of the email.

Moving on… as I mentioned above, this was a busy month consisting of retouching, blind submissions, a photoshoot, promoting published features, & putting together materials for a few features that had been overdue. There are MANY features waiting to be released for all of the girls now that all of this month’s deadlines have been met. I would spill the beans about what’s on tap, but that would just take the fun out of it. I will share this with you tho: As of today Chrissy has 4 upcoming features, RL has 6 upcoming features, & Creole has 7 waiting to be released. In addition to all of this, a few magazines have inquired about the girls, so materials are currently being prepared to oblige these requests. The girls & I will be promoting like crazy, because I know everything is going to roll out back to back, which is the way it should be!

IMPERIAL DYNASTY August 2011 recap:

Aug 9th – Creole China Doll feature interview on

Aug 14th – RL Marie shot with Doss Tidwell

Aug 23rd – RL Marie feature interview on

Aug 26th – Caramel Coated Chrissy feature article on
                    RL Marie featured as “Vixen of the Day” on

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